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Tampa financial planning specializing in retirement planning Tampa fl

Who We Are

Charles Clifford Financial is a Tampa business that specializes in safe money growth and accumulation as well as income planning. We show you how to get more monthly income even if you have 30% less money than somebody else who is in a traditional retirement account. Our services are highly specialized and as a result there is never a cost or a fee to meet with us to discuss your retirement goals and income objectives.This works to your advantage since we are not a fee based advisor who charges you an hourly rate and a commission load nor are we a fee based “only” advisor. As a result, 100% of your money goes to work for you on day one!

Our goal is to simplify your retirement planning and show you how to maximize your monthly retirement income. Many pre-retirees and retirees are concerned about outliving their retirement income or not having enough income. Our job is to give you the peace of mind so that you can live a stress-free retirement lifestyle. Why not let an experienced professional show you a variety of safe money options and strategies where you ultimately choose the best option that works for you. Haven’t you earned that right?

Find out why Charles Clifford has been named the best financial retirement planning business in Tampa. I encourage you to schedule a one-on-one, hassle-free consultation today to take advantage of our service!

We will address all of your questions and concerns when it comes to retirement planning. Give us a call today at 813-426-6291. 

Among the topics we will discuss might include:

  • Your Retirement Goals
  • Pre and Post Retirement Planning
  • Creating Income In Retirement
  • “Tax-Free” Retirement Planning
  • Understanding Market Volatility
  • Highest Yielding, Safe Money Growth & Income Strategies
  • Account Rollovers IE: (401k Rollovers, IRA Rollovers)
  • Lump Sum Distribution
  • College Planning
  • Structured Settlements
  • Small Business defined benefit plans

What We Guarantee

At Charles Clifford Financial, we are committed to helping you reach your maximum retirement goals. We place a high value on the relationships that we build with our clients. Growth and Income planning for retirement is a very important step. We will provide ongoing support with annual reviews to discuss any matters that may arise prior to or during your retirement. We will show you how to retire stress-free getting you more monthly income with less money. Isn’t it time to get your assets working for you!

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Weekly News

” Great Experience. Charles is very professional, thorough and honest “

” Very knowledgeable and helpful, and answered all of my questions. Highly recommended! “

” I have known Chuck for a long time and he is the most knowledgeable, diligent and professional financial advisor that I have been associated. He has a great product to protect and grow your income into retirement “

” Charles was very thorough and explained everything to me as well as answer all my questions and made me feel comfortable with my decision. I highly recommend sitting down with Charles and letting him analyze your finances for retirement. It was very informative and educational. “


    • How Much Money Do You Need to Retire Comfortably?

      Americans used to count on a pension plus Social Security to get them through those “golden years.” These days, people change jobs more often, rely on dual incomes, and manage their own retirement funds through defined contribution plans. By most estimates, to maintain your current standard of living in retirement, you’ll need about 80% of your current annual salary.

    • What strategies are used to generate income in retirement?

      Sources for generating retirement income include:
      B. Annuities, Pensions, Stocks & Mutual Funds (qualified & non-qualified plans)
      C. Savings Accounts & CD’s.
      D. Home Equity Line & Part Time work.
      E. Rent/Royalties or Inheritance.

    • How is retirement income taxed?

      Taxable Sources of Retirement Income. Expect that all of the following types of retirement income will be taxable at your ordinary income tax rates. Withdrawals from retirement plans: If a plan was funded with pretax dollars, whether by you or your employer, it will result in taxable retirement income when withdrawn.


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