About Us

Safety First

We put our clients in a product that will keep their principal and interest protected as they no longer have to worry about whether the market is up or down… read more

Reasonable Return

What we offer our clients not only protects their principal and interest but it allows them to get a reasonable rate of return over time… read more

Keep it Simple-Straight Forward

We understand how complicated it can seem to figure out what to do with your hard earned money. We believe in a simple easy to understand approach… read more

Charles Clifford is a specialized financial services firm that has contractual agreements with several financial institutions. We represent Companies 100+ years in business with over 50 Billion dollars in managed assets. We work with professional & ordinary people, business owners and professional athletes and we do (2) things extremely well:

1 We help you achieve a Reasonable Rate of Return having potential for double-digit returns!

2 We keep your money Safe by protecting your principal & gains utilizing a unique interest crediting strategy!